Priceless Caps

Jay is a friend of mine from both high school and our college days at The University. While I returned home to the DC area, Jay went north the grad school for TV, Radio and Film, then out west to dabble in Hollywood, and most recently to the New York / Connecticut area where he’s an adjunct instructor in digital video at a local college as well as hanging with ex-Caps Keith Jones and Brian Engbloom in his cool gig with Versus on their hockey broadcasts. Some guys have all the luck.
With a little time on his hands before the hectic playoff schedule starts, Jay created the following parody commercial focused on the Caps laced with subtle gems (pay attention to the first few frames and the stack of books).

Thanks for including us in a cool parody and we’ll see you when the Versus broadcast truck visits the Phone Booth on Friday.

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8 Responses to Priceless Caps

  1. lepue_38 says:


  2. Mark Tucker says:

    A little tired (as a theme), but classic.

  3. hotdog88gt says:

    Versus? That’s just great. Even if JoeB is calling it I’d rather have TSN do it.
    (“…overjoyed at 60” – what a gem)

  4. NS2NOVA says:

    I love it

  5. SpartyCuse says:

    thats great….but its not a game worn sweater (no name/# on it), and a gamer from that style is $300, min. Sorry, as a GW collector, had to nit pick! But it does rock!

  6. loser domi says:

    Occasional reader, first time commenter
    HAHAHA! I own both Street French 1 and 501 French verbs.

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