Out Like a Lion in March

While it seemed like the greatest March in Caps’ history, 2008’s ranks behind those of¬†four other seasons in terms of victories and points. The Caps this month won 10 games and earned 20 points, but three times Caps’ teams won 11 games in March: 1983-84; 1985-86; and 1994-95. Interestingly, that ’94-’95 club played only 48 games and earned 52 points in a lockout-shortened season but¬†won 11 games and tied twice for 24 points — hands down the best March¬†in club history. ¬†¬†¬†
Twice the Caps earned 23 points in March, in ’83-’84 and ’85-’86. The ’83-’84 Caps earned 101 points on the season; the ’85-’86 Caps earned a franchise-best 107 points. The 1999-2000 Caps won 10 times and tied once for 21 points¬†in March. This March matches 1988-89’s 10-win, 20-pt.¬†effort. That team, interestingly, finished with 92 points. ¬†¬†

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