Caps / Pens Rewind

It looks like the league is really trying to promote Sunday’s Caps/Pens game televised nationally on NBC. The communications department of the NHL alerted us to a special recap video of the January 21st Caps/Pens game that saw two friends and fellow countrymen score two goals and assist each. Ovechkin and Malkin were the first and second stars, respectively, in a game that saw the Caps beat the Pens in a 6-5 shootout.
We’re not trying to look past today’s game versus Boston (and the players better not) but we wanted to share the video with you which contains radio highlights from both teams and parts of the Versus broadcast with our very own Joe Beninati.

Speaking of the NHL on NBC, Sunday’s game is shaping up to be a preview of OvechKam. NBC will have live cameras following both Ovechkin and Crosby through their shifts. The rub lies in that you’ll only be able to view those camera angles online.

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2 Responses to Caps / Pens Rewind

  1. Grooven says:

    Interesting how they switch back and forth on audio tracks between DC and PIT coverage. (As well as back and forth between tv and radio — since Kolbe’s voice is also heard.)
    I guess this is the league’s first opportunity to rework their hype machine with Ovechkin playing well and Crosby back on the ice. (And I have to say, I’m not sure I’m too fond of the overuse of either of them as a crutch for advertising.)
    But I find myself thinking of what commercials could be like if they put forth this kind of effort for every game. Surely Ovechkin and Crosby are not the only two players in the league, nor are the Caps, Penguins, Rangers, Leafs, Red Wings and Flyers (despite Comcast’s protestations) the only teams in the league. [The only reason the Caps and Penguins are even in that list is because of two players.]
    Maybe this is an example of something the NHL should take from the NFL. In football, every single game is filled with monster ramifications and hype, even for a nothing game. Okay, so not 82-games per team per season, but surely the weekly NBC games, and a few of the ones on VS could receive such publicity. Isn’t that the point of advertising?
    It’s too bad NHL PR is still so narrowminded and hasn’t grasped broader approaches.

  2. TitGit says:

    Okay, so not 82-games per team per season, but surely the weekly NBC games, and a few of the ones on VS could receive such publicity.

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