OFB Poll: Trade Impact

The trio of traded-for from this past Tuesday — a recent All Star, no. 1 netminder, a former superstar and 3-Cup vet in the twilight of his career, and the perfect pest — will help push the Caps into the postseason this April.

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2 Responses to OFB Poll: Trade Impact

  1. Mark Tucker says:

    OK, so wow, I’m in the minority.
    I think this race is between Carolina and us, with the winner being the only SE team in the show. Carolina has been pretty darn good lately (mind you a loss last night), and I just think they’re the more experienced team down the stretch.
    I’d happily be wrong!

  2. Definitely a possibility Mark. Though the Capitals are 5 points behind Carolina AND 5 points out of 8th place. There’s a chance for two teams from the Southeast to make it in, but clearly the Caps’ path of less resistance to the playoffs is knocking off Carolina — not easy, but more likely than passing NYI, Buffalo, AND Philly.

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