It’s Help Out Local Hockey Night at Clyde’s

Wilson High School BannerBring your checkbooks. Bring cash. Bring really big hearts. Actually, if you’re a reader of this and or any of the other blogs who’ve gotten behind the cause to help raise funds for Wilson High’s hockey program, you don’t need to be reminded to be big-hearted: you’ve a hockey heart — more than big enough for the task.
We have a big and important game in New Jersey to follow together as well tonight, on Clyde’s high-def screens. We’ve heard from so many supportive folks around town who, of their own accord, have promoted this event via their own networks and mailing lists. We’ll also have a few Wilson players in attendance, wearing their sweaters.
It’s going to be a blast in Chinatown tonight, and your donations will help keep the lone public high school in the District skating. It’s just $10 to get in, though additional donations are more than welcome to support the team.
So tonight beginning at 7:00 we’ll hold a silent auction of hockey goodies and some gifts from local businesses, throw back a few puck sodas, meet a lot of special people, and cheer on the Caps. Remember to bring cash and/or your checkbook (no credit cards for the auctions).
If you are unable to attend, please remember that you can support this terrific cause by donating on line, using the PayPal link for Wilson on the right side of our page.
About a minute before the puck drops in Jersey tonight we’ll raise a toast to all the hockey hearts in the room — and those with us in spirit.

Clyde’s of Gallery Place
707 7th Street, NW, Washington, DC 20001
Phone: 202.349.3700

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7 Responses to It’s Help Out Local Hockey Night at Clyde’s

  1. What better way to use your “extra day” this year and spend your Leap Day evening supporting a good cause?

  2. Kurt says:

    I’ll actually be at the game tonight (I’m one of those Caps fans stranded in NYC), but you can bet I’ll raise a glass (well, cup) myself a minute before faceoff for this one.
    I’m considering making a sign or something to hold up at the game in the vein of ‘Caps Fans for Wilson High School Hockey’, too, with a link. See if I can’t drum up a little more awareness and some heart from those NJ fans.

  3. @Kurt: I’ll be at the game too! Where are your seats? Or should I watch out for the sign?

  4. Kurt says:

    I’ll know where they are in a few hours… I’ve been traveling since the tix arrived, my fiancee is bringing them with her.
    Probably won’t have time to make a sign, unfortunately; we all know how crazy work can get suddenly…

  5. Kurt says:

    Apparently in the front row of section 216. I’ll be in the red Ovie jersey, she’ll be in the classic blue Caps jersey.

  6. pepper says:

    Kurt and PA – I’m a Caps fan in NYC too – we should catch up some time to watch a game. (Unfortunately I’m not able to make tonight’s game at “the Rock.”) I’m always on the lookout for Caps fans up here and only know mostly Rangers and Flyers fans.

  7. @Kurt – I don’t know where I’ll be yet myself, but I’ll be in a red Ovie sweater (w/o the ‘A’)

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