Huet and the 2008 Hart Winner

Official OFB husband Chanuck visited Kettler today to see the new guys. He wasn’t the only one; apparently the joint was jumping with fans. He noted that Huet signed some autographs after practice, and managed to get a shot of his mask. Check out the strategic placement of the Caps sticker on the chin.

Cristobal Huet at Caps' Practice, 2/28/08
Here’s what the mask used to look like:

Cristobal Huet- photo from CHC Images

Well, it’s a start. After all, the guy’s only been here a day.

The eagle-eyed Chanuck also noted that TSN has already figured out who this year’s Hart Trophy winner is, so the rest of us can stop guessing. Foppa is truly amazing; he doesn’t even have to play a single game in order to win another award. Now that’s talent!

Peter Forsberg on TSN via NHL Network, 2-28-08

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3 Responses to Huet and the 2008 Hart Winner

  1. SovSport says:

    Nice catch! TSN is the network broadcasting from the future.

  2. chanuck says:

    I thought I was just tired and didn’t see it correct. I had to rewind to catch it. Thank God for the DVR.

  3. sonia says:

    TSN also reported “Capitals trade Chris Simon”…this past Tuesday.

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