Goalie Talk out at Practice

Out at Kettler earlier today, I had a chance to eavesdrop a bit on Gabby talking about the goalie situation right before the team headed to the airport.¬†That “plan” that the head coach alluded to yesterday became clearer today. Brent Johnson is the odd man out — he’s the clear no. 3. There will be competition among all three, but beginning this weekend, Cristobal Huet (now no. 38 in your program) and Olie Kolzig will begin a competitive rotation in game assignments.¬†
The practice situation is where it gets weird. The third goalie¬†will join the team “late” in practice skates and try and get some work in. ¬†¬†¬†¬†

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4 Responses to Goalie Talk out at Practice

  1. SovSport says:

    Yesterday Fedorov mentioned that all Olympic and World Championship teams have three goalies, and make it all work. From your post it doesn’t sound that it is going to be the case here.
    I hope everything will be sorted out. Johnny played well as a backup. IMHO.

  2. mark says:

    Thanks for eavesdropping for us. What are the chances that Olie has already told management he’s ready to call it quits after this season, and next year will be the Huet-Johnson show, with Olie bowing out on his own terms?

  3. hockeygrl_76 says:

    That’s kind of BS for Johnson. He’s been playing well this year….I’m kinda bummed that BB is handling it this way. Why can’t he just rotate all three of them?

  4. pepper says:

    Johnny’s played the best out of the three for the last month or so. Still, Olie played real well on Tuesday, so he’s in the mix, and Huet hasn’t played yet so he’s got to get a chance. So right now Johnson’s next start isn’t in sight.
    But if either one of them has an off night, Johnson has to get a start. And an “off night” could be, with such fierce competition, very broadly defined.
    We’ve got three more back-to-backs too.
    Heck, maybe we’ll be wildly successful as a result and it will start a trend among NHL teams.

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