NBC Selects Caps/Pens as Game of the Week

Check your calendar and your watches! Implementing their “flexible scheduling policy”, NBC has selected the March 9th visit by the Penguins to Verizon Center as it’s Game of the Week — in HD no less. Because of the broadcast change, the puck will drop several hours earlier at 12:30 pm instead of the original 3 pm. Make sure you write yourself a note, show up at 3 and you may miss the whole game.
From the Washington Capitals press release:

Sunday’s broadcast will be Washington’s fifth nationally televised game of the season. NBC also has the option to add another Capitals game (March 16 vs. Boston) to its lineup. In its third season as the network broadcast partner of the NHL, NBC has the option to choose from up to four games for its nine regular-season Sunday afternoon broadcasts. This is the first Capitals game to be broadcast on NBC this season.

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1 Response to NBC Selects Caps/Pens as Game of the Week

  1. TJ says:

    I’d swear I already saw an add that listed the game against the Broons as being on NBC.

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