“Outdoor Hockey Is Beautiful”

That’s the sentiment of a couple of Minnesotans behind the making of the documentary¬†‘Pond Hockey’,¬†now in¬†final editing and awaiting a distributor. The filmmakers believe it’s mere weeks from showing at a theater near you. Eighty minutes of cinema we can’t wait for; sure looks like we have another OFB night at the movies looming. The trailer suggests that the filmmakers have honed in on the heart of the matter:

As you might expect, Minnesota television stations are on this story like black on fresh lake ice. One treatment can be found here. Still another can be found here.   
But it isn’t just in Minnesota where outdoor puck is being pursued these days. Jeff Jackson’s Notre Dame Fighting Irish got swept by no. 1 Michigan last weekend, so on Monday of last week,¬†with¬†his charges’ spirits slumped, he took them outside for practice, where it was a not so balmy 12 degrees. That story is chronicled here. The Irish, incidentally, rebounded and swept Bowling Green this past weekend. ¬†¬†¬†
Update: We heard this afternoon from Andrew Sherburne, ‘Pond Hockey’s’ Producer. The first closed screening for cast and crew will take place in a matter of weeks, while the actual release isn’t quite that close. We’ll keep you informed.

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2 Responses to “Outdoor Hockey Is Beautiful”

  1. dmg says:

    Is it weird that sometimes when I watch stuff like this it makes me want to move to Vermont or Minnesota or something so I can have a backyard rink?

  2. dmg: not only is it not weird, this impulse you have amplifies your good breeding. For my part, such media fosters in me thoughts of retiring to the upper white north. Early.

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