“It’s Good to be Ovie”

Alexander Ovechkin - Breakaway Challenge- All-Star SuperSkills Competition - Photo from the NHL's Frozen Moment

It is good to be Ovie. Alexander Ovechkin won over the fans during the Breakaway Challenge at the All-Star SuperSkills competition last night.
Take a look:

What will AO have for us this evening during the All-Star game? Perhaps more potato chips?

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3 Responses to “It’s Good to be Ovie”

  1. Breakaway Judge Bill Clement’s opinion of Ovie’s attempt:

    “Does this kid get it, or what? Spectacular creativity and originality. If only Russian kids played baseball, he might have scored. Even with the swing and a miss, he was magnificent.”

    From http://www.hockeybuzz.com/blog.php?post_id=12886

  2. Victor says:

    Am I the only one who thinks Ovie, with his personality and sense of humor, needs a local interview show?
    I’m absolutely serious: Channel 4 could give him a 30 minute-show on a Friday or Saturday evening in the summer. Chuck Brown & The Soul Searchers could be the house band (obviously, this would be recorded, with a studio audience, sometime in the middle of the week, as I’m sure Chuck is out makin’ some coin those nights). Ovie could interview local politicians and celebrities, visiting celebrities, do man on the street interviews of tourists (First question: “Do you know who I am?”)
    This has the potential to be really huge, or the same joke over and over again, but if I were a local station-owner, I’d give it some serious thought.

  3. Wolf97 says:

    What the imbalance creates. ,

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