Knee-Jerks @ Ottawa – 12/29/07

Knee-Jerk ReactionsThe Caps need to play more games in the Province of Ontario, eh? A crazy affair where both goaltenders took it on the chin.

  • Great steal and stuff by Semin on the first goal of the game. Getting ahead in this game certainly will help the cause.
  • Not only do the Caps get the first power play, they get the first power play goal. 2-0 five minutes into the game with the Sens not tallying a shot yet.
  • Sens ring the post. Let’s hope Olie has a lucky night versus other more recent games.
  • Jurcina called for the trip…. since both D were out of position and about to let a 1 on 0… good penalty.
  • 12 minute mark finds Kolzig his first shot — that’s even after 1 Ottawa power play.
  • How many goals/no goal review have the caps been involved with this year…. seems like every other game.
  • Quintin Laing blocks yet another shot. He should not be scratched again for this reason alone.
  • Beautiful AO / Poti back and forth for AOs 2nd of the night.
  • Totally random and unrelated thought — what ever happened to the Mark Messier Leadership Award. Perhaps the league found it as silly as I did.
  • How did I know that Victor would blow that breakaway?
  • 2nd review of the night…. and lengthy, too.
  • Think Chris Neil regrets picking a fight with The Donald after that beat down?
  • Spezza beats Kolzig from just inside the blue line. Think Olie wants that one back?
  • Wow… Fisher torched the Caps defense… and shorthanded at that. The game is slipping away from the Caps.
  • 2 goals for Nylander. Nylander?
  • A canon of a shot by Ovechkin for the trick — only his 3rd of his career. That cut sure didn’t slow him down. As my wife said, God help them if Ovechkin didn’t play. He now also has more hat tricks as a Capital than Puffnuts did.
  • 2nd hat… this time by Fisher with Gerber pulled. I’m fearing OT.
  • AO for goal number four with the empty net… turns into an icing call with the faceoff to Kolzig’s right with 1:09 left.
  • 2nd try becomes 4th goal. His 1st four goal game in the NHL and the first by a Capital in barely over 7 years when Peter Bondra struck four times on 27, December 2000. Guess where? At Ottawa.
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12 Responses to Knee-Jerks @ Ottawa – 12/29/07

  1. HotDog88GT says:

    LOL! I need definition of “Puffnuts”.

  2. Jordan says:

    Has anybody else noticed that Kolzig plays every single shootout attempt and breakaway in exactly the same way? Weird.
    Great friggin game, though.

  3. Gustafsson says:

    Puffnuts comes from an interview with Chris Pronger by Dan Patrick in 2001.

    DP: Do you call guys by their first names on the ice? Like do you call out, “Hey, Jaromir”?
    CP: No. I try not to call anyone by their first name out there. I call Jagr puffnuts.
    DP: Puffnuts?
    CP: Or knucklehead, because more often than not, he’s whining to the ref when I’m out there. So I’m like, “Play the game, puffnuts.”

  4. The Peerless says:

    HotDog…legend as it that the term is a nickname bestowed upon Jagr by Chris Pronger…

  5. Gustafsson says:

    He he…. beat The Peerless by a whole minute! 😉

  6. Muddapucker says:

    I understand that goalies have good nights and bad nights… I also think Kolzig is one of the better goalies in the League, however, I am troubled by the fact that the last four one on one shooters have gone forehand to backhand on Kolzig and scored.
    Thats the Stephan Weiss, shootout winner with Fla, three shootout scores in Detroit and a penalty shot in Ottawa.
    The book is out… Kolzig has to find a way to fix what appears to be a huge flaw.

  7. Westmorland says:

    re: Mark Messier Leadership Award
    Maybe Cold-Fx decided they weren’t getting enough sales by sponsoring the award so they dropped it and so did the NHL?

  8. HotDog88GT says:

    Puffnuts! LOL! Mrs. HotDog88GT is asking “what’s so funny?”

  9. Chris Green says:

    My favorite part of the telecast was Joe Benadict-nati’s description of Fisher’s goal to make it 5-4….
    “Beautiful Stuff”….
    I guess it beat his usual “bullseye’, when the other team scores on us…
    Is it just me, or does benanati feel the Capitals Fans are below him, that he doesn’t even need to give us the least bit of respect?

  10. HotDog88GT says:

    It *was* beautiful stuff. He undressed Green and scored a beautiful goal. Don’t forget JoeB has Versus games to call and he’s a very fair play by play guy. Just watch any Bruins game on NESN and the difference is obvious. The NESN guys would have called Fisher’s goal a “lucky bounce”.

  11. Chris Green says:

    Let me help you Hot Dog…. how long would benadict-nati last as an announcer is a real Hockey Town like Boston?
    It is fundamental that we have announcers who care enough not to ‘spit’ in the Caps fans faces….
    I don’t watch the Caps to hear bennaDict’s worldly knowledge, I watch to see my favorite team win……
    Did I invite a Senator’s fan over to my house tonight to taunt me when they score? No, and I don’t appreciate when someone who can be considered the ‘voice’ of the Caps does it on a nightly basis….

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