Knee-jerks: @ Newark Devils, 12/7

  • Knee-Jerk ReactionsGood to see Scott Stevens in a Caps uniform again, even if it was via an artists painting.
  • Mike Green was doing a great job keeping the puck in the zone on the power play.
  • Pothier with yet another bad pass up the middle of the defensive zone that turns into a goal for the other team.
  • Kolzig with a great save on Gionta… then Zubrus with the goal.¬† Ex-Caps do love to score on their old team, no?
  • Just noticed in the 2nd period that Poti has and A on his sweater.
  • Oveckin, Backstrom, and Semin with some great work and nice passing on the power play resulting in a laser of a shot for a much needed Semin goal.
  • Then they kill all momentum by allowing a goal right after Semin’s tally.
  • Green with an absolute piss poor penalty in the final minute of play thus ending the game for the Caps and yet another loss.
  • Anyone else with DirecTV and NHL Center Ice not only notice that they’ve moved the channel locations of the games to 769 – 785?
  • More intriguing than the channel moves is looking forward to Thursday, December 13th on channel 769.¬† The guide lists the NHL STATS CHANNEL from 4pm – 2am.¬† This could be interesting.
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5 Responses to Knee-jerks: @ Newark Devils, 12/7

  1. Capsaholic says:

    >Just noticed in the 2nd period that Poti has and A on his sweater.

  2. Capsaholic says:

    Let’s try this again:
    “Just noticed in the 2nd period that Poti has and A on his sweater.”
    That’s for the assist he would give the devils on their GWG.

  3. pgreene says:

    noticed bruce called out olie (by name) and pothier (by “duh, who else could it be”) in the papers this morning. hope that doesn’t backfire. i like bruce’s passion, but seldom does calling out players in the paper work.

  4. b.orr4 says:

    It’s about time a coach got on these guys for bonehead plays. Game in and game out, the Caps play the opposition even or better yet they make a critical mistake that ends up in the back of the net. And, yes, Olie has got to make that save.

  5. Jed says:

    looks like it worked… olie played great, and so did the rest of the caps!

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