Quintin Call Up

According to the Patriot-News, the Capitals have called up winger Quintin Laing to help fill in the holes created by the injuries to Chris Clark and Boyd Gordon.

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5 Responses to Quintin Call Up

  1. bfrfan says:

    So how does that work since he is only signed by Hershey?

  2. Gustafsson says:

    Here is sk84fun_dc’s post on Hockey’s Future’s message board (http://hfboards.com/showthread.php?p=11411236):

    “Given I discovered the other day he had an NHL contract this is not as much of a surprise (thanks to IB’s site) as it would have otherwise been.
    A little bit strange, the Laing Caps signing was never announced, it was announced as an AHL deal when he was re-signed this summer; however, he showed up on IB’s nhlscap site listed with a two year two-way contract for the minimum NHL salary each year sometime in the last few weeks so they must have signed him to an NHL deal after the season started.”

    Here’s the link to the web site mentioned:

  3. sk84fun_dc says:

    If I had known it was going to be re-posted, I would have chosen my words a little better; also, of note, Laing is now listed on the Caps in the system page 🙂
    to be clear, that’s my best guess as to what happened and the timeline…also, I just updated my contract count numbers for this season counting Laing and subtracting Sutherby, the Caps have 48 players under NHL contract for this season, but that includes Neuvirth and Varlamov and my understanding of the CBA (and addl info) is that they do not count against the 50 for this season, so my working estimate is that the Caps are at 46 contracts for 07-08 right now.
    here’s the Hershey announcement about Laing’s signing from July 25; Laing played 3 NHL games with Chicago in 03-04

  4. Gustafsson says:

    Sorry sk84fun_dc.
    You had a good explanation and I certainly didn’t want to steal your thunder.
    We added a link to the Salary Cap site a while ago, but quite frankly, I had forgotten about it.

  5. sk84fun_dc says:

    As I said, the only issue was that I wrote my first post quickly in response to the news to offer a possible explanation for others since they were asking questions, but I would have chosen my words more carefully, not a big deal. I went back and looked at some of the preseason/training camp information and it is clear that at that time Laing was officially being reported as having an AHL contract (from the Caps training camp roster to Tim Leone’s preseason write-ups.) And yes, the http://www.nhlscap.com site is a great resource.
    To move this forward, a comment from Laing from the preseason stuck with me so I had to dig up this article. No guarantee he is going to play depending on the day to day guys and again this is an old article from late Sept., but I thought some of your readers might be interested.

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