Knee-jerks and Notes: Florida, 11/28

It was an exciting night up in the press box, as the producers for “Hockey Night In Canada” were interviewing bloggers for an upcoming segment. (CBC’s Elliotte Friedman, who also writes a blog, did the actual questioning.) A View from the Cheap Seats, Off Wing Opinion, Japers’ Rink, DC SportsBox, and Abel to Yzerman were all represented. The segment will air at 6:30 EDT on Saturday, Dec. 1 as part of the pre-game show. The producer also assures me that it will be available on the CBC website.Knee-Jerk Reactions

Anyway, lest we forget, there was a game to see tonight.

  • Small crowd tonight, but it is Florida and a Wednesday.
  • Brent Johnson wore a Redskins hat on the bench tonight. The Caps also did a really nice tribute to Sean Taylor- they showed some good footage from his high school and college days as well as his Redskins career. I spotted at least one Taylor jersey in the crowd.
  • Back-to-back penalties suck, especially bad ones like “too many men on the ice.” And those penalties hurt even more when the opposing team scores on one of them.
  • The cape guy, formerly known as the flags and Slapshot puppet guy, was rewarded with the Move of the Game.
  • It sounds like The Fifth Line is in the house tonight, though this isn’t one of their official games; it could be the group of German fans who love Olie, but who knows. The group did start the Wave.
  • Zednik was interviewed by the Florida broadcast team during the first intermission, no doubt about his goal against his former team. (Just like last week.)
  • Matt Bradley dropped the gloves and really stuck it to Garth Murray. Nice work by Bradley.
  • Superb shot by Clark to tie it at one. Speaking of Clark, there is currently a commercial focused on him promoting the next home game. In it he mentions the number of stitches he’s received and the number of times he’s been knocked down, but he gets up. That’s what captains do. We’ll try to post a video of it on the blog later.
  • The Caps Crew just threw burritos into the crowd. At least it’s a change from the usual pizza delivery.
  • Kolzig is looking very sharp tonight.
  • Comment from Abel to Yzerman: “Boyd Gordon? What’s a Boyd Gordon?” Remember, this is a Wings fan. They don’t know what youth is in Detroit. Check out his blogging of the game, it’s quite entertaining.
  • Semin with a stick to the face on the follow through… at least it wasn’t his ankle.
  • Nylander’s soft-dump-almost-turned-goal made my heart skip a beat… bet it did you, too.
  • The announcer is asleep at the mic tonight; calling the Panthers “Penguins,” getting Kozlov’s number wrong (15 instead of 25).
  • For some reason, the shootout paperwork makes me laugh.
  • Where is Ovechkin’s shoot out kryptonite hidden? Someone needs to find a lead box for it.
  • Kozlov’s still money in the SO and Backstrom’s attempt was so smooth.
  • The Caps are definitely showing marked improvement on the shootout, as evidenced by the fact that they went 11 rounds, their second-longest shootout since November 26, 2005.

Random Notes:Capitals car flag promo

  • You know those car flags that the Caps gave away at the Sat., Nov. 24th game to 5,000 lucky fans? Apparently someone else admired that flag– the top-of-the-line Mercedes coupe in Ovechkin’s driveway is now sporting one.
  • Speaking of Ovechkin, he made a big impression on one Sabres fan on Monday night. Read the heartwarming story here.
  • Interesting article in The Sporting News on Monday about fans posing as players on MySpace and Facebook. (Frankly, I’m surprised that someone would see a page that starts with “Hi, My name is Daniel Briere” and really think that was the actual guy.)
  • The Globe and Mail had an article about hockey in China. A commenter noted that if the NHL moved the Ducks from Anaheim to Peking, well…you can guess the rest.

(Gustafsson contributed to portions of the knee-jerks… can you find them?)

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14 Responses to Knee-jerks and Notes: Florida, 11/28

  1. turquoise_donkey says:

    anyone know what happened to clark and semin?

  2. Just a fan says:

    Can we keep the cape guy where ever he moved? I sit near him in that section and the guy is a nut job.

  3. SovSport says:

    Ovechkin drives a 6-series BMW 🙂

  4. Meza says:

    I have not been impressed with Pothier this season at all. Schultz needs to learn how to check. Kozlov needs to be stronger on the back check last night. He got beat bad a few times that almost led to goals.

  5. JR says:

    I can’t even muster up a rant. Tired of being pwned by crap like the Panthers. Is it draft day yet?

  6. SovSport, you would know!
    Well, someone in the Ovechkin household drives that car- it’s always in the driveway. Papa Ovie, perhaps?

  7. Capsaholic says:


  8. You can thank my husband for that! He loves to drive by Ovie’s house 😉

  9. chanuck says:

    It just happens to be on my way home sometimes. 😉

  10. iwocpo says:

    My plan is to start stalking Boyd Gordon’s house. I need to find out what makes that guy tick.

  11. HotDog88GT says:

    It only took two games and two wins under Boudreau before they revert to their old ways. The first sign of the old habits: OV rushing up the left side for a 1-on-2 or 1-on-3. I didn’t see any of that in the two wins. They played more as a team. Boy, Washington was passing and rushing so well for those first two games. I gotta think that if Friday’s game goes badly, Ted is going to dump GMGM and the next GM may or may not keep Coach B.

  12. HotDog88GT says:

    Has anyone posted that commercial with Chris Clark?

  13. Gustafsson says:

    I’ll be working on posting the commercial after I return from taking the newborn and his mother to the doctor.

  14. HotDog88GT says:

    Woo hoo!

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