Hyannisport Prez #7 Makes Good

Bruce Boudreau- photo courtesy of the Hershey Bears
Now that Bruce Boudreau is the Caps’ interim head coach, I figured it was worth revisiting an article that appeared in the Toronto Star in June. He’s finally realized his dream, according to his comments from several months ago:

“This is my 32nd year of fighting to get to the NHL,” said Boudreau yesterday. “It’s always your goal. You’re always plugging away and hoping something will happen. But at the same time, quite frankly, I don’t know what else I could do if it wasn’t for hockey. “I loved everywhere I’ve gone. I just keep doing what I do and hopefully somebody will notice.”
Bruce Boudreau- photo courtesy of http://pages.prodigy.net/oldchl
He believes he’ll coach in the NHL someday. “I’m very happy with the Capitals,” said Boudreau. But if anybody ever came along, I would certainly look at it.” Former St. Louis Blues coach Mike Kitchen, Boudreau’s friend since they were teammates on the Marlies, thinks it’s a matter of time. “He recognizes talent so well,” said Kitchen. “As we all know, there’s only 30 of those jobs out there. “It’s being patient, and timing is everything in those jobs.”

Kitchen was right: timing is everything. Congrats to Boudreau, and here’s hoping he has an immediate positive impact.

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3 Responses to Hyannisport Prez #7 Makes Good

  1. 1 period down – 2 to go; Caps up 1-0; let’s see if the motivation and hustle continues throughout the next 40 minutes. I like what I see but the special teams still need to be crisper, the PP goal aside. That said the young players all seem to be hustling and driving even harder than ever. Gaurded Optimism has returned to Bristow. Next update ath the end of period 2.

  2. MulletMan says:

    Since this is about some of Bruce’s history, I seem to have missed part of the commentary this afternoon. I heard them talking about a link between Bruce / someone in philly management / and the movie Slapshot. Did anyone catch the full story?

  3. MulletMan- the Star article has a little info about Boudreau’s Slap Shot appearance, but apparently his apartment was used as in the movie as well (as Paul Newman’s character’s apartment).

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