Corner Turned? Caps 4 / Flyers 3 in OT

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7 Responses to Corner Turned? Caps 4 / Flyers 3 in OT

  1. Murshawursha says:

    Happy freakin’ birthday, Nick Backstrom!

  2. Capsaholic says:

    Way to go Bruce! a win, a loss & a win all in your first game.
    They overcame themselves, the Phlyers and some questionable officiating.

  3. Nice photo in answer to the question I hope so and think so. More of my thoughts and reasons for optimism at Mark’s Musings … but we still basically need to play 0.750 for the rest of the season to make the playoffs.

  4. pepper says:

    This is the type of win that does tend to get teams to turn the corner, though we did give up a 3 goal lead.
    On the positive side, we saw a much more aggressive forecheck, the first two Flyers goals were not really the result of serious Caps mistakes – slow whistle and a bad one for Olie respectively), and the Caps goals (4 of them!) were all quality feats of team skill.
    Still, the effort level I thought tended to come and go, as it did this season under Glen. I’d say the team played for its own self-respect today. Getting beaten the some old way after an emotional coaching change would have been the ultimate embarrassment, road game or no road game.

  5. Jordan says:

    Nicklas Backstrom is overtaking Milan Jurcina as my favorite Caps player. He looks like an old hand out there setting up plays. And such patience with the puck! He waited for Biron to flail and commit where other rookies might have just tried to jam that sucker home.
    I hope they keep rolling over Canes tomorrow, since the Caps have yet to win when I’m in attendance at Verizon Center this year.

  6. Bob D says:

    Hope so. Rather dicey blowin a 3-0 lead but a win’s a win. Beat the ‘Canes! Long live the Whale!!! Go Chris Clark our CTer!

  7. Murshawursha says:

    I almost think blowing the lead and holding on to win it in OT was a good thing… Hanlon’s Caps wouldn’t have done that.

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