The Debut of On Frozen Boards

On Frozen BoardsEvolution and maturation are generally healthy traits, and while we bristle at the thought of maturing, we ever seek to tweek and tinker with OFB for the betterment of our readers. This holiday week we thought it might be fun to roll out On Frozen Boards, a reader-driven forum through which our regulars can raise hockey topics on their minds and our interaction with them can more generally be broadened.
Already we’ve invited our most loyal readers to register and jump-start the new forum. We want it to be a thoughtful, illuminating, clever, respectful, and amusing experience.
A link to the boards can be found in the right hand navigation “Contents” menu or directly at
We welcome your input beginning today.

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4 Responses to The Debut of On Frozen Boards

  1. BE says:

    Great idea.
    Happy thanksgiving to all from a Canadian reader

  2. Capsaholic says:

    That’s great!
    I’ve been thinking that a “Knee-jerk” board would be great here also.

  3. Gustafsson says:

    Not a bad thought, Capsaholic.
    Perhaps I’ll add a Knee-Jerk board and some sort of pre-game board as a sub-board under the Caps board.

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