Caps Picked 1st in SE

The Hockey News web columnist Adam Proteau has been offering a breakdown of each division with his predicted order of finish. Today, he breaks down the Southeast Division, where he picks the Caps 1st.

Why 1st? Because dammit, what would a pre-season NHL prediction series be without at least one shocker pick for a new, worst-to-first division champ?
The thing is, on paper, the Capitals are far from the basement dwellers they were last year. The sense some NHL observers have about the Caps is, while they’re not yet genuine Stanley Cup contenders, they’ve got the components to mirror Atlanta’s 2006-07 campaign (i.e. road warriors in the regular season, roadkill in the playoffs).

Read the rest here.

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3 Responses to Caps Picked 1st in SE

  1. Mark Tucker says:

    Well that’s….sort of…a little bit…really, really…average.
    It sounds nice at first but the whole “shocker” and “roadkill” references aren’t as flattering. At least he’s put it out there. You go Adam!

  2. VT Caps Fan says:

    I’ll take our chances with first place.
    He’s got some brass ones and I like it!

  3. maruk says:

    The Caps helped themselves more than any other team in the division, and every team has question marks. It’s not out of the question for the Caps to finish at #3 in the East or in the lottery. If the blue line progresses, I think their fortunes will fall closer to the former than the latter.

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