“Bettman Stripes”

Paul Lukas of Uni Watch posted an article today that focuses on the NHL’s new uniforms. It’s a good read–particularly this excerpt regarding the “apron-like” piping down the sides of some new jerseys (including the Capitals’):

Worst thing to happen to hockey since Gary Bettman became commissioner. In fact, since this happened on his watch and seems to sum up everything that’s gone wrong during his tenure, Uni Watch will henceforth refer to the piping as Bettman stripes.

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1 Response to “Bettman Stripes”

  1. A-T says:

    I don’t think the Caps have the Bettman apron stripes. Rather, I thought the Caps had stripes down the inside seams of the sleeves. Although w/ the arms down this produces a similar look, I think in action it will look much less stupid.

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