XM RadioPer Nate Ewell of the Washington Capitals Media Relations Department, General Manager George McPhee is scheduled to appear on XM’s Home Ice, channel 204, at 4pm today for an hour of Capitals talk.
Unfortunately, none of us at OFB is an XM subscriber, so we would appreciate any updates from our readers.

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3 Responses to GMGM on XM

  1. What?!? And you call yourselves hockey fans? 😉
    Just posted a good chunk of the interview, as much as I could transcribe, anyway…

  2. chanuck says:

    Thanks to Gustafsson for the IM notification on the GMGM interview. Since my beautiful wife is the wordsmith in the family. Check out her Blog for the blow by blow.

  3. Gustafsson says:

    DC Sports Chick wrote: What?!? And you call yourselves hockey fans? 😉
    Fiscally conservative hockey fans maybe. Now, if a certain local satellite radio company would like to provide 4 tuners w/ paid subscription, we’d be happy to report on hockey happenings! 🙂

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