Produce the NHL

BASE Productions - Capitals Open w/ Adam OatesHere’s an opportunity to put your creative stamp on video productions used by the Washington Capitals and other NHL teams.
Based in Washington, DC and LA, BASE Productions, Inc. is looking for a video producer to work during the 2007-2008 NHL Hockey season. Primary duties include scheduling shoots, producing video features in the field, conducting interviews, and game-night responsibilities. Chances are that you’ve seen their work with the Capitals in the form of in-game entertainment, commercials, and other video productions during the season.
Founded by local university graduates John Brenkus (University of Virginia) and Mickey Stern (University of Maryland), BASE Productions have won seven Emmy Awards and three IDEA Awards for best open.

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5 Responses to Produce the NHL

  1. I really liked the mission impossible intro. All the rest have been disappointing after the bar was set so high.

  2. SovSport says:

    I’m in for a part-time Russian language part of the gig. Someone will have to translate for Semin 😉

  3. tmac says:

    how would an interested party inquire about this opportunity?

  4. Gustafsson says:

    I would email your resume to them at

  5. OrderedChaos says:

    Agreed Fanatic, the Capitals’ Mission Impossible spot was top-notch (more believable than the MI:X movies in fact).

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