College Hockey, Hollywood, and . . . Alabama?

Wyatt Russell (right) - Preston Keres - Washington PostWhat prompted this odd headline? Wyatt Russell, son of Kurt “Herb Brooks in Miracle” Russell and Goldie Hawn, has committed to play for the University of Alabama-Huntsville’s NCAA Division I program next year.
21-year-old Russell, a goaltender for the Brampton Capitals this past season in the Ontario Provincial Junior League, will experience quite the climate change next year in the Deep South. While nothing will top Ashley Judd for college hockey celebrity cachet, Kurt & Goldie will certainly turn some heads at UAH games.
Astute Capitals fans may remember that Russell was at the Caps’ developmental camp three years ago. Coach Glen Hanlon invited the young netminder to camp as a favor to his golfing buddy Kurt Russell (and because the Caps had only three goalie prospects at the time, and needed a fourth).
Kudos to Russell for continuing his hockey career, and education, at UAH.

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5 Responses to College Hockey, Hollywood, and . . . Alabama?

  1. Thank you for reminding us there is an active college hockey team in Alabama. Aside from the strangeness of the headline, it also reminded me that there are about eight Hollywood stars out there that support the development of hockey — even if it is your kid playing.
    The Dark Ranger

  2. charger blue says:

    UAH Hockey has been around for quite some time and last season they won their conference championship and went on to the ncaa tournament in Division 1 against # 1 Notre Dame. They fell short 3-2 in Overtime but after the first period they outplayed Notre Dame. Can’t blame him for coming to Huntsville we have something going down here.

  3. OrderedChaos says:

    You’re absolutely right Charger — UAH has a good team, though many hockey fans may not realize it. That closely-fought loss to Notre Dame turned a few heads though; they’re definitely a program on the rise.

  4. engineer says:

    Never knew they had hockey there either. Now I am wiser.

  5. Bernie Papke says:

    All Richmond Sockeyes fans extend our best wishes to Wyatt, Goldie and Kurt.
    Congratulations, Wyatt.

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