Caps Avoid Arbitration with Jurcina

The Washington Capitals have announced that they have re-signed defenseman Milan Jurcina to a two-year contract. In doing so, they have avoided the arbitration process which was to begin on Monday. In keeping with club policy, financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

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10 Responses to Caps Avoid Arbitration with Jurcina

  1. sk84fun says:

    per Tarik’s blog update…850,000 Y1; 912,500 Y2.
    so 2 years at 881,250 cap hit…right in the range expected…glad it includes the second year – I assumed they would have asked for that during arb, as well; given his history, there are pros and cons to a multiyear deal for the team and for the player, esp one extending more than a couple of seasons; however, if he only signed a one year deal and performed like he did once he joined the Caps last season, next summer would have been painful for the Caps. Good news.

  2. OrderedChaos says:

    Agreed sk8, this deal works out extremely well for the Caps and for Jurcina alike. The Caps get to evaluate him for two more years before deciding whether to ante up a big money long-term deal; Jurcina gets a reasonable deal but in two years, if all goes well, he gets his big payday.

  3. rink raith says:

    So what’s next on GMGM’s summer tod-do list? Sign AO?

  4. Joe says:

    No comment on your article but did want to comment on your great site. Nicely done and a lot of info. Keep it up!!

  5. Gustafsson says:

    Thanks for the kind words, Joe.
    rink raith,
    I would not expect an announcement of an AO signing until at least training camp when he is back in the country. I can’t see the Caps completing the deal via fax with an email/web site announcement. I would image that they would want to hold a press conference for such an important signing.

  6. Tomppav says:

    So what’s next on GMGM’s summer to-do list? Sign AO?
    I think the answer could be: try to get Semin go to doctor. 😦

  7. pgreene says:

    ofb, you guys have some russian connections, right? can you get us some scoop on what’s going on with semin?

  8. OrderedChaos says:

    We’re working on it pgreene… problem is that everything at this point is just rumors; no one has spoken to Semin himself.

  9. OrderedChaos says:

    I saw that (good snag by Tarik), and am hopeful it’s true. Of course, as Semin’s agent, Gandler has motivation to downplay the injury… but at least he’s a source fairly close to the player. Now we just need an objective doctor’s opinion to make this all go away (hopefully).

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