Hockey Jobs Galore

Love the Washington Capitals? Enjoy getting paid? Well perhaps you can start receiving paychecks stamped with the Capitals’ new logo: the team is looking to hire a†Guest Services Specialist. While the Capitals have only one listing at the moment, other hockey jobs on include a webmaster for the Devils, a huge array of sales and marketing jobs, and a personal wet nurse for Jaromir Jagr (ha).

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2 Responses to Hockey Jobs Galore

  1. buttercup says:

    I forwarded the NHL jobs link to my friend in NYC who is looking for a job. He sent his resume to a few and has an interview tomorrow; we both can’t believe they called him so quickly. Maybe I’ll have an insider view to NHL marketing in the next few weeks.

  2. OrderedChaos says:

    That would be great news buttercup! Good luck to your friend for tomorrow’s interview.

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