Washington Capitals Depth Chart, Summer 2007

Herewith, our attempt to devise a depth chart for the Caps to coincide with the recent completion of the team’s annual Rookie Development Camp. It’s important to note that with it we are not forecasting specific line combos but rather attempting to slot players by position according to their professional production and most recent performances in evaluative settings. It’s also important to note that a number of forwards in the Caps’ system play more than one position up front. The Russian elites and Matt Pettinger appear locks on the left side for well into the next decade, whereas the right side seems to carry many more question marks.

We’ve envisioned this as a file hopefully sparking spirited reaction and respectful challenge. We welcome your proposed modifications.

OFBs take on the Washington Capitals Depth Chart

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15 Responses to Washington Capitals Depth Chart, Summer 2007

  1. VT Caps Fan says:

    OK I like what you all did (love the rink by the way). But I honestly think Erskine has a spot in the D. We NEED tough D men who are not affraid to drop the gloves. They will protect Kolzig at all costs. And honestly of the top 8 D men. He is the only one to fit the bill. Not saying the others wont. But its always good to have a nasty SOB on the backline and he fulfills that category.
    As for the Forwards, I like what I see. We have depth. The last half are all really young we should be on the right track. Say what you will but Brashear has a presence on this team and he deserves a spot.
    This team has skill now. Clark, Brashear and Erskine bring the toughness that this team needs.

  2. sk84fun says:

    Good topic.
    Just looking at the overall picture regarding the forwards, I know you cut the list off and did not list all the prospects in the system, but you don’t think Joudrey belongs on the center depth chart? I do. And IMO, Andrew Gordon should be slotted as a RW not a center.
    Joe Motzko not on the RW chart? Perhaps, it will be easier to slot him/ decide if he belongs on the list after training camp.

  3. Biff says:

    I’d like to see Clark stay on the top line with Ovechkin, but other than that, I’m starting to drool a little just looking at that.

  4. Brad says:

    Good job, nice illustration of just how many prospects we have to draw from.
    At this point, I would move Neuvirth above Varlamov; it seems extremely likely that Varlamov will go back to Russia, and Neuvirth has said he wants to play professionally this year. If he does get to Hershey or SC, I can see him being called up to test the NHL waters for 1 game maybe, but in any event I think that would push him above Varlamov in terms of progress. I imagine we’ll know more by training camp though.
    It appears you’re missing Boumer, not that I really expect him to stay but he probably deserves inclusion. Otherwise, I think the D looks good, perhaps Schultz would be moved down below Erskine but I really can’t tell.

  5. Scott says:

    I see the goalies listed but what happened to Freddie Cassivi

  6. hockey30 says:

    I am curious as to why boomer is always forgotten when talked about the Caps D? If you look he is on a one-way half a million dollar contract. I dont think the Caps are willing to send him to Hershey and eat the half million dollars. I would not be suprised if the caps trade one of three dmen(green, schultz or eminger) for a foward that can put contribute. I would like to hear other people ideas.

  7. TG says:

    Dump Clymer and Bradley. More Fleischmann, Fehr and Klepis. And can’t wait for Borque to make the team in 2008-09.

  8. This is why we value our readers as we do — they find our weak spots and strengthen them. Absolutely Joudrey belongs in (hat tip to sk84fun), as does Brad’s find of Boumer. Scott, we thought long and hard about FreddieC and decided that if injuries were such that he was pressed into duty on this playoff-aspiring club, we’d be in a world of serious hurt. My guess is that instead we’d see McPhee swing a deal.

  9. The Peerless says:

    I don’t have any major concerns with the depth chart (although I think Eric Fehr is going to be given more of a chance at playing time than Matt Bradley, essentially putting the youngster in the position of hving to play himself off of the roster).
    But what this chart does is lay out how still the Caps are thin at center. And teams that are not strong down the middle — in any team sport — generally aren’t successful.

  10. exwhaler says:

    I believe Andrew Gordon is a right wing, while Klepis still has been playing mostly center.

  11. Kevin Smith says:

    Just curious about pucksandbooks comment. If you are saying that Boomer and Joudrey should be on the depth chart, I couldnt agree more; but where would you slot them. Any thoughts?

  12. Murshawursha says:

    I trather think Klepis has played himself out of the mix… He’s gotten quite a bit of playing time with the Caps and hasn’t done much of anything really. I’d like to see him traded and give one of the other guys (Fehr, Flash) a shot.

  13. Tomppav says:

    JFYI Oskar Osala has played most of his career as center. His OHL coach put him to wing and that’s why he’ counted as winger everywhere in NA media.
    Just wanted to let you guys know he’s capable to play at center too.

  14. Tomppav says:

    Osala signed one year-deal with Finnish Elite League team Blues. He can leave the team, if he signs with Caps before the NHL regular season begins.

  15. Rob says:

    If Matt Bradley makes the caps squad next season I’ll be shocked. There is zero reason he should be playing ahead of Fehr and Bouchard. In fact, Bradley isn’t really even good enough to be playing in the ECHL.

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