More Postcards from Summer Camp

Here are some more pictures from the final two days of development camp from OFB reader sk84fun_dc. OFB would like to thank her for allowing us to post her photos.

photo by sk84fun_dc

Mrazek & Alzner - photo by sk84fun_dc

Joudrey & Backstrom - photo by sk84fun_dc

Varlamov - photo by sk84fun_dc

photo by sk84fun_dc

photo by sk84fun_dc

Dunn - photo by sk84fun_dc

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4 Responses to More Postcards from Summer Camp

  1. oreocookie says:

    what about the player from yale? i was at camp and he looked to have greatness in speed and did a fine showing. his start and stopping was first in my book.

  2. oreocookie says:

    the message is fine

  3. CapsChick says:

    Great pictures!
    I continue to be impressed at how great a crowd there was during something like this – who says hockey fandom doesn’t exist in DC?

  4. pepper says:

    great crowd indeed, and nice photos. Thanks ofb.

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