Camp Home Movies

Encouraged by the positive reaction to the scrimmage video from day one, I rolled some more tape yesterday during the final scrimmage. I told Al Koken, who was standing next to me, that I have a new respect for his colleagues behind the camera. He replied, “they’re the best in the biz.”
In the words of the Warner Wolf, “let’s go to the videotape.”

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3 Responses to Camp Home Movies

  1. strungout says:

    In the words of the late Warner Wolf, ‚Äúlet‚Äôs go to the videotape.‚Ä?
    Ummm….Warner Wolf isn’t dead.

  2. Gustafsson says:

    Thanks Strungout, not sure why I thought he was.

  3. chanuck says:

    OK, I sat through the whole video and did not see one single start wipe. Why you cheaping out on us?
    Where you able to go to Willow? Hope you had a good rest of the evening.

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