Rolling in Revenue

Money StackWondering if the collective bargaining agreement is proving to be a good move fiscally for the players? Today TSN reports that the NHL will have a $50.3 million salary cap for next season — an increase of more than $6 million from last season.
The Caps, today below $30 million in committed salary for next season, have quite a bit of†improving space. †

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5 Responses to Rolling in Revenue

  1. TG says:

    Isn’t $50 million above what most teams were spending BEFORE the lockout? And looking at what some players are getting, I can’t believe they killed a whole season for “cost certainty.” C’mon. Is Timmonen REALLY worth $6 million per year? Is Drury or Briere worth $6 million as a STARTING POINT in negotiations? Even with a salary cap, the owners can’t stop themselves.

  2. Tyler says:

    The Caps are ~$10 million below the floor. So yeah, they have some work to do.

  3. b.orr4 says:

    Actually, when you add in their qualifying offers to RFAs, the Caps are around $27-28 million right now. So there about 6-7 million below the floor. But McPhee and Ted have said they plan to spend to around the midpoint this season which is around $42 million. So yes, they do have a lot of spending to do.

  4. strungout says:

    I’ll believe the Caps are spending $42 million on salaries…when it actually happens.

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