In Summer’s Sun, a Stunning Sports Page, June 22, 2007

All of us had travel commitments last Friday and missed hard copies of the day’s newspapers. A copy of Friday’s Washington Times, however, remained for pucksandbooks in his office on Monday, and Friday’s sports section front from it knocked him out of his chair. Take a gander at the hockey love dramatically illustrated by the Times’ editors for Corey Masisak’s fabulous feature on the lofty state of American hockey these days:

Washington Times Sports Page - 22 June, 2007

That’s not a blowup of the story, that’s its actual layout. Allegedly there are two other stories on C1 from the Times on Friday — you just can’t find them! Patrick Kane’s hometown paper, the Buffalo News, can’t match this†hockey journalism feast.
But beyond the sheer size and splendor of the piece, Corey Masisak delivered a grade A overview of†the rocket rise†of American hockey†development today. “Massive gains” American hockey is enjoying,†Masisak wrote. We hockey fans in Washington gained massively from his paper and him on Entry Draft Friday. †

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5 Responses to In Summer’s Sun, a Stunning Sports Page, June 22, 2007

  1. b.orr4 says:

    Corey is developing into a first-rate hockey journalist. It’s nice to have some at the Times who actually knows something about the sport and is enthusiastic about covering it. I’m not taking a shot at Dave Fay’s knowledge of hockey, but it’s clear that his heart isn’t in it like it used to be. I’m sure his health issues have played a part, but I think the 20+ years he’s covered the Caps have soured him on the team and its management. I think having Corey gives the Times a nice yin/yang approach.

  2. CapsChick says:

    Corey has been a fantastic addition to the Times and this article proves that not only does he know his stuff but also that the Times’ editors have a lot of faith in his ability. Such a great thing to see – congrats, Corey!

  3. sk84fun says:

    I’m glad you brought the Wash Times coverage to the attention of your readers. Corey M. had more than one article in Friday’s edition of the paper. In addition to the article you linked, he wrote one focusing on the local players/programs.

  4. OrderedChaos says:

    Good call on adding that link Sk84fun, it’s another excellent article (even features quotes from Mark Tinordi).

  5. sk84fun says:

    Interested to see if the Caps invite Patrick Cullen to dev camp as a non-drafted prospect.
    OT: Next year’s Indiana Ice roster includes
    06 Caps draft pick Brent Gwidt
    07 Caps draft pick Brett Bruneteau
    and Patrick Cullen

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