Shortened Jail Term for Yet Another Athlete

Athletes generally get off easy when they break the law — well, easier than the general public at least. Whether it’s the money or the fame, most athletes receive lighter (or no) sentences for their transgressions when compared†the same crime committed by you or me; they get†second and third chances the average citizen does not.
Get Out Of Jail for Paris HiltonSince I doubt her story will get much, if any, media coverage, OFB is here to let you know that former hockey player Paris Hilton will be released from jail today after serving only 23 days of her 45-day sentence — another example of athletes getting preferential treatment†from the United States’ justice system.
What’s that you say?†Am I†smoking the crack again? Paris Hilton, a hockey player? Well it’s true; here are the photos to prove it. Of her time on the Canterbury School team, Paris said, “I would always move around, I wasn’t just one position.”
Alrighty then. “Paging Ron Jeremy. Ron Jeremy, you’re needed on the set.”
Bonus coverage: While writing this post, I came across a hockey-related Photoshopped image†of Ms. Hilton†that you may enjoy,†courtesy of the blog With Leather (and yes, it’s safe for work).

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2 Responses to Shortened Jail Term for Yet Another Athlete

  1. pepper says:

    I love Paris even more now. When you’re down and out, you can watch my games at Chelsea Piers.

  2. Jean says:

    I’m struggling here – she’s a vapid, self-obsessed, media-created creature.
    But she played my sport.
    Wearing makeup it appears, which is either the best advert ever for sweat-proof mascara or a comment on her level of effort, but at least she played!
    Respect. (However grudging)

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