GMGM press meeting after the draft

General Manager George McPhee met with the media briefly at the end of the draft, and the Caps are ‘very happy’ with how the draft turned out. They were able to get the guys they wanted and add picks, a change in strategy from some earlier years where the Caps wouldn’t try and deal and just take their guy at their pick. Developing a bit of savvy as far as trading down, still getting the guy they want, and adding assets was effective for the club.
The 2008 draft is considered exceptional, and the team now has extra picks that carry more value than similar picks this year.
The word-of-mouth going around concerning the Caps wanting to take Cherepanov worked in the Caps’ favor — they simply played it close to the vest, and everybody assumed they’d take the Russian, enabling them to sit back and take the guy they really wanted.
The Caps tried to target grit in the later rounds of the draft, and were pleasantly surprised when Ruth was still available at their pick. They liked Ruth, but in trading back they were able to get him and extra picks.
Godfrey was injured last year which may have affected the fact that he wasn’t drafted in 06. He has a bomb of a shot.
The USHL has become a good developmental league, and it’s appealing to draft players that will be going to college where they can get four years of development before the team has to make a decision on them.
And that’s it from the Nationwide Arena. I’ll have a wrap-up in the next few days, and thanks for reading.

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5 Responses to GMGM press meeting after the draft

  1. Tyler says:

    GMGM must think that Omaha is in the WHL.

  2. Stimpy says:

    Here’s another benefit for collecting those extra picks in next year’s draft; if the Caps happen to be in the playoff hunt come trade deadline time next year, having a few extra 2nd’s will come in handy to help pick up some additional help for the push/playoffs.

  3. Scai says:

    Thanks for the good coverage empty!
    So far I like what I’ve seen and heard of that Ruth-kid.
    Here’s a scouting-video of Ruth (found it via the Caps’ draft page):

  4. Henesy says:

    This is one of those drafts where it takes a few years to figure out if it is as weak as they say. It seems that everytime I’ve heard that it’s weak, great players emerge. Judgement should be reserved for 3 years from now. I do like the plan of piling picks for a “deeper draft” next year. Hopefully they can be put together for a high pick next year.

  5. CapitalGuy says:

    Many thanks for the draft coverage. Breath of fresh air and expertise to contrast with the toxic blather from the usual suspects.

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