Draft Weekend, part 2

The one where Turbo breaks his leg.
Sorry, some weak humor to start things off this morning.
Much smaller crowd today, both in the stands and in press row, though it’s still early. The front offices, however, are in full force, and the schmoozing is in full effect.
As more media begins showing up, it’s clear that they are not so different from us – they plug in, log on, then it’s immediately off to Spector’s, TSN, the Sun and the Globe to check out the latest.
Knock on wood, but internet seems better today. Let’s hope that holds.
Considering how (relatively) quick the 1st round went, we can hope today goes fast. Again, the Caps have picks 34, 41 and 46 in this round.
Bob McKenzie presses the flesh a bit.
Leafs nation is filming an interview in front of me.
Not much in the way of buzz so far, at least on the riser.
2 minutes until the start, front office being asked to sit now
Caps are up, things are moving along this morning at a rapid pace.
The Caps select Josh Godfrey, defenseman from Sault Ste Marie. Red Line Report’s one-line summary of him: “Best PP point shot/triggerman in the draft, bar none.” Red Line had him ranked at 122.
Godfrey is also #11 on Red Line’s most underrated list: “So underrated he was completely overlooked last year. May have the best PP shot in the draft.”
Caps trade the pick to Philadelphia for the 84th pick in the 2007 draft and a second round pick in the 2008 draft.

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1 Response to Draft Weekend, part 2

  1. TG says:

    Well, if he’s the best PP point shot in the draft, but only ranked 122, it makes you wonder about the rest of his game. And not only are they bringing back the jerseys of the 1980’s, but they’re bringing back the team. All defenders, and hope that Bondra (or in this case, Ovechkin), can score the one or two they need to win.

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