Draft Day 2, noon

By unofficial count, the Caps have added 2 2nd round picks in 08 and a 4th in 08 to make up for the pick they sent to Boston for a certain Milan Jurcina.
Lunch: Turkey and provo. Not bad.
Didn’t that sound like Peter King?
Caps pick next at 108. Will they trade for a 7th rounder in 08? Nope.
They select Brett Bruneteau, a center from Omaha. Red Line has him at 138: “Not real big or fast, but has instinct at offensive end”. Will attend North Dakota next season. You can read a bit about him here.
The Caps pick at 125 is coming up. I’d guess there won’t be many more takers as far as deal-making goes.
And the Caps select Brett Leffler, listed as a LW/R by Red Line. He’s 6’1″, 197. After poking around, it looks like no one has any real info on him other than his name is Brett Leffler and he plays hockey. We’ll try and get more.
Ah, there we are. Listed as a high-energy agitator. Read more here.
At 154, the Caps select Dan Dunn, a big goalie from Wellington. Red Line has him at 166, and 6’5″ and 210: “Simply enormous — just stand there, it’ll hit you”
There are two Caps fans in old-school red sweaters still in attendance.
You can read a bit more on Dunn here in the January 17th entry.
Carolina asks for a time out, and gets booed. Torquato’s fall is a big topic of discussion in the press area.
Of note is that no NHLers have been swapped since the draft started. It’s been reported that the Caps had a deal in the works, only to have the other team back out right at the 27th pick.
There’s a lot more schmoozing going on the floor, now, with the draft slowly drawing to the close. A lot more interviews being given to the press, and a lot more chatting.
Ross Mahoney is announcing the picks for the Caps, btw.
Atlanta selects John Albert — and the relieved youngster’s family gives a loud shout. Hugs all around. Good to see — it’s tough watching a young guy just sit up there without being Brady Quinn.
Detroit finally picks Zack Torquato. It looks like he’s not in attendance, or if he was, he went home.
Caps pick Justin Taylor at 180, a center from the London Knights. Red Line has him at 297 and lists him at 6′, 192. At 185, the Caps pick Nick Larson, a 6’1″, 180 pound forward from Apple Valley. Larson’s off to Minnesota next season.
We have a trade, as the Ducks send twice-drafted Tim Brent to Pittsburgh for Stephen Dixon.
Florida asks for time. Gets booed.
And with their last pick the Caps take Andrew Glass. ranked 259 by Red line, he’s listed as a 5’11”, 180 lbs left wing. He’s set to go to Boston University next season.

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8 Responses to Draft Day 2, noon

  1. sk84fun says:

    Empty – thanks for the updates
    Has it been confirmed that the Jurcina trade is a 4th in 08? At the time of the trade, Tarik El-Bashir reported that it was conditional and there was a small chance it could be a third depending on playing time and games played, etc.

  2. The Peerless says:

    Nice job on fishing out the info…

  3. sk84fun says:

    sounds like Dunn is headed to St Cloud St, interesting since Weslosky is headed into his soph season

  4. sk84fun says:

    yeah, Albert is from Ohio and headed to OSU so no surprise that he is there with support as a later pick (he played for the US NTDP)

  5. Chimaera says:

    Looks like the people who said there would be a lot of trades were way off.

  6. idil says:

    The Dunn pick is pretty intriguing.
    It’ll be really interesting to see how these kids progress. What a crapshoot, though.
    Btw, Glass is headed to BU in ’08. I’m guessing he’ll play in the USHL next season.

  7. SkateFreeOrDie says:

    Thanks so much for your coverage of the draft. You were right there with info for each player drafted.
    You commentary was subtle and beautiful…”Caps pick Karl Alzner, and I like the pick. It‚Äôs definitely not unanimous.” I live for that stuff.
    You have a new fan.

  8. CapitalGoodie says:

    Great job empty.
    BTW, that incident with the girl in Saginaw that Turqato plead guilty to really must have turned teams off selecting him.

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