Day 2, continued

The Caps clearly like next year’s draft better than this year’s, which follows conventional wisdom.
Caps are up next — and they are taking their time. Another trade?
Nope, they pick Ted Ruth, a defenseman form the USDP. Called a stay-at-home guy. Red Line’s one-line summary: “Has the tools and the leadership, but development stalled.”
Red Line has him at 121. CSS says he “plays the body hard and hits with authority”
Ruth felt like he had a good interview with the Caps and felt like they were interested. he describes himself as a defensive defenseman who likes to play physical and with grit. He’s also a strong skater.
Bit of a breather now as the next Caps’ pick is in 20 slots or so.
The Caps have turned the 28th pick into 2 picks in a better draft next year, picked up a few players they clearly liked more than some other clubs, and gained a 3rd this year. That’s good asset management, as the chances of anybody this year helping the NHL club are remote, to be charitable. The value of the picks as far as bringing back an NHL player is debatable. Certainly not a flashy draft so far.
Darryl Sutter prowls around, looks like he’s talking to somebody from the Detroit table.
Toronto’s first pick of draft weekend is met with cheers and boos. The Maple Leafs never fail to polarize.
Brian Burke and Sutter are talking, now.
The Caps pick Phil DeSimone, a center playing in Sioux City, originally from New York. Headed for New Hampshire, and apparently not in attendance today. DeSimone was named USHL player and forward of the year for the 06-07 season.
The Caps are taking their time making the pick, then trade it for #154 this year and 4th round in 2008 draft. Is it too strong to say the Caps loathe this draft?
BTW, one of the scariest things in all of media is about to happen — sports writers are about to go get their free lunches. Not for the faint of heart, nor the slow of foot.

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2 Responses to Day 2, continued

  1. strungout says:

    Maybe it’s just me…but with all the defensive picks…could this be a sign that not only Eminger but Green could even be available for a trade this off season?
    I feel sick.

  2. chanuck says:

    I can’t see Green going anywhere. Unless these picks turn out to be the next Stevens or Lidstrom. But so far these guys on paper, look average.

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