Back to the Draft

Carolina takes Sutter. Montreal’s been rumored to want Esposito, we’ll see. No floor buzz that I can tell right now.
Montreal picks Ryan McDonagh.
St. Louis picks Lars Eller. In a change from previous drafts, Bob McKenzie’s list isn’t holding too close to form, though that’s just in order, and not in the players selected.
Had a quick talk with George McPhee: The Caps liked both Gagner and Alzner.
Alzner’s strong down low, well-rounded, and you feel relieved when the puck is on his stick, because he’s going to do the right thing with it.
The Caps made it known their picks are available, but didn’t come close to making a deal.
There’s still a lot going on (trade-talk-wise)
St. Louis makes a move to get a Red Line favorite, Ian Cole. Ian has a bunch of people here with him, it turns out, and they are all happy.
While the talk is going on the floor, apparently, it’s much quieter on press row, as people begin filling their articles for tomorrow.
OFB fave Logan MacMillian gets taken by the Ducks, who trade up to get him.
Lots of Penguins fans in attendance, and they and the Blue Jacket fans get into a chant-off.
Pens pick Esposito, fans are happy. The Cherepanov and Espositio, two highly-talented players with some question marks, have been the biggest fallers tonight.
Blum goes to Nashville, and the current highest-ranked player is Nick Petrecki at #14.
Calgary takes Backlund.

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3 Responses to Back to the Draft

  1. usiel says:

    Wow cherpanove and esposito falling like rocks…would not have predicted that.

  2. usiel says:

    Coming from an armchair GM I’m still a bit dissapointed with the Alzner pick…Voracek was a gimme there, IMO. He is a safe pick in a potentially bust filled draft.

  3. Andy says:

    Is McPhee awake???

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