And We’re Off

Lots of talk regarding the 1st overall pick and Phoenix. Bob McK apparently puts the kibosh on it, and says the ‘Hawks may take Kane.
Word that the Preds are no longer for sale makes it’s way around the building. No buzz, per se, but there’s a bit of surprise.
Hawks pick Kane.
Flyers booed massively. They pick James van Riemsdyk and the two Philly fans to my off-right stand and clap after looking a bit perplexed. The group of Philly fans in section 116 begin chanting his name. van Riemsdyk is the tallest person on the stage.
And the Coyotes are booed. Eric wonders to me if every team is going to get booed.
A Caps fan in a sombrero and a Cicarelli sweater mugs for the camera. The Caps are mildly, but not personally, booed.
Wayne gets a Wayne-like ovation.
Dogs pick Turris.
I find out that Ted isn’t here, and I’m seeing things, I guess. Wouldn’t be the first time.
The draft is scooting along. It seems each team isn’t getting more than, say 5 minutes to pick. A refreshing move, to say the least.
Voracek, Alzner, Gagner and Cherepanov are out there.
Rick Dudley is giving interviews in front of us. Dave Nonis paces, he’s talking to someody, but I can’t tell who, or if it’s a member of his own staff. I’m guessing so.
Kings provide the first surprise by selecting Thomas Hickey. The crowd buzzes, and now the Caps have all four of the earlier group still on the board.
Caps get booed, but I don’t think it’s personal. There are some cheers as well.
McPhee’s in conversation with someone not on his team, possibly Edmonton. (judging by the table the person returned to)
Still no movement from the Caps.
Lowe and McPhee talking agian. They stop.
Caps will make the pick.
Caps pick Karl Alzner, and I like the pick. It’s definitely not unanimous.

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7 Responses to And We’re Off

  1. TG says:

    Can never have too many defensemen. Right?

  2. strungout says:

    It was the safe and correct pick. Typical Mafki style.

  3. Dudezy says:

    LA, thanks for going off the board with your Dman pick
    Sigh, hopefully they can trade up and get a center or wing

  4. Mike says:

    Bad pick, IMO. Too much D in the system and not anyone with the skillset of Voracek, Gagner, or Cherepanov except Backstrom. Would have been great to hav e Backstrom-Gagner up the middle in a couple years.

  5. idil says:

    Bye bye, #44. Nice knowing you…

  6. Scai says:

    I don’t like the pick. Another prospect who figures to become a Top 3-4-defenseman at best. Caps got already a lot of those types. If not Cherepanov, then I would’ve wished for at least Voracek.
    Anyway, Cherepanov is gonna be by far the best player to come out of this draft. Reminds of 05 when Kopitar was drafted at 11 behind Crosby and 9 other guys we have yet to see a thing of at the NHL-level. Was ridicolous and ignorant then just like letting the guy who broke Bure’s record slide to 17 is now.

  7. Scotty Wazz says:

    The sombrero guy was with us at the Face Off Hockey Show. We went to the R Bar for drinks afterwards and to do a show on Saturday and he was the hit of the bar/city/state.

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