Matt Pettinger, Hypothetical NHL Commissioner

“I’d have free public skates at every NHL arena in the U.S. If people saw how hard it was to do the things we do at full speed with the puck while on skates, they’d gain a new appreciation for the NHL.”

Pettinger, quoted in the June 18 issue of ESPN the Magazine

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2 Responses to Matt Pettinger, Hypothetical NHL Commissioner

  1. OrderedChaos says:

    Jennifer of Southeast Shootout provides an interesting analysis of just how Pettinger’s idea could become a reality:

  2. Deme says:

    The league needs to play fair with all the NHL teams in the league. A clear intentional knee to knee hit on what is considered, to the Oilers and their fans, a star player (Hemsky), should be reviewed immediately and given a suspension. We may not have a Crosby but the injuries in the NHL are rising especially for some not so high profile teams in the league. This is a grave disservice to the game, to the players and to the fans. Remember where the game came from… Canadian teams and fans are the heart behind this league.

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