Hockey Mole at WRC at It Again

Lindsay Czarniak - Photo from WRCHer WRC colleagues last evening were startled by the segment, occurring as it did in late May, with the Redskins mere weeks away from the start of training camp, but OFB Queen of Local Sports Media Lindsay Czarniak remained undaunted and committed to her puck calling, devoting 56 minutes of last evening’s 60-minute 5:00 WRC newscast to a profile of local college hockey player James “Bubba” Sixsmith. (OK, the segment wasn’t quite that long, but it seemed so to our puck-starved eyes and ears in Washington this spring.) We’d embed the segment for you if we could. But check out the WRC video link.
Sixsmith, a native of Alexandria, Va., recently graduated from Holy Cross College and captained the hockey team there the past two seasons. He was also a Hobey Baker finalist this past season.
Dave Fay may not be the only local hockey beat reporter fated for Hall of Fame enshrinement as a hockey media standout.

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