Times’ Dave Fay Headed to Hockey Writers Hall of Fame

Washington TimesAt a time when newspaper editors across the country are demanding that reporters compromise their commitment to their beats with additional and time-consuming assignments, today Mike Vogel discovered the news that the Washington Times’ Dave Fay will receive the highest honor his profession can bestow, for his singular commitment to the Washington Capitals’ beat: he’s headed into the Hockey Writer’s Hall of Fame.
He’ll be inducted this November.
At OFB, we’ve had our share of disagreements with Dave about his assessments of the team in recent years, but we are also aware of his unrivaled commitment to covering our game in this region. Dave has been on the Caps’ beat at the Times since the early 1980s. Disagreements aside, if we had more of Dave’s ilk on the beat hockey wouldn’t be mired in its crazy-Uncle-kept-in-the-attic status it is in the common D.C. newsroom.
May 30 Washinton Times coverage: Corey Masisak; Dan Daly

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2 Responses to Times’ Dave Fay Headed to Hockey Writers Hall of Fame

  1. Fay Wins Hockey Hall’s Ferguson Award…

    As has been previously noted by Mike Vogel and On Frozen Blog, the Hockey Hall of Fame has announced that……

  2. pepper says:

    I find this a pretty incredible (in a very good way) development for the franchise, not to mention an honor to Mr. Fay himself.
    Does not an induction into the Hall of one of the Caps beat writers lend a certain historical significance and credibly to the franchise as a 30+ season member of the league?
    Great news all around.

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