Memorial Day Weekend and the DraftGeek

Underwater HockeyAh, Memorial Day weekend — sun, surf, libations, and the official unofficial start of DraftGeek season. As the tropical gateway to June, Memorial weekend is an excellent opportunity to delve into the sixth month’s true splendor: the NHL Draft.
A few years back pucksandbooks and I began a tradition of devoting the holiday weekend to our favorite leisure activity: pouring over the newly released NHL Entry Draft guides. They’ve grown in number and quality in recent years, making ours a true labor of love in the early summer sun.
Beginning next week, we’ll return from holiday with our initial thoughts about the quality of the draft overall and what looks viable among prospects from the perches from which the Caps will be picking.
Along with cold draughts and warm company, may we re-suggest as starting reading the NHL 2007 Draft Guide and it’s 224 pages of geek-glory, as well as The Hockey News’ glossy NHL Draft coverage (check your local newsstand, or order the electronic copy at This will keep the juices flowing for the weekend, so when Red Line Report, International Scouting Service, and McKeen’s Hockey release their forays into the prospect news buffet (expected in early June), you will have a solid appetizer for the main course. Well worth the time for any armchair GM wishing for the latest and greatest updates and scouting reports on the 2007 draft class. The granddaddy of them all, Bob McKenzie’s amazingly accurate Top 30 prospects rankings, has not been released yet, but is the crowning umbrella on your beach-side drink of choice. (It can make drinking the beer hard, but appearances count sometimes.)
We’ll have more on the draft as it approaches, but until then, happy Draftgeekdom, a pleasant weekend, and please take a moment to hoist a glass to those to whom Memorial Day is dedicated.

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3 Responses to Memorial Day Weekend and the DraftGeek

  1. Stimpy says:

    So, are any of the draftgeeks actually going to the draft? It’s only a short 6 or 7 hrs drive to Columbus.

  2. Meza says:

    I will be heading to the draft with 3 friends. This is my 3rd. A boring as the draft may seem you actually meet a lot of very knowledgeable fans there. Pucks and I even had the opportunity to meet Ted Leonsis and GMGM at the last draft in TO.

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