Moscow Bonus – Canada Gold

As we mentioned before our trip to Moscow, OFB would serve as the “DVD extras” to supplement the Caps’ official coverage of the IIHF World Championships, including photos and observations that didn’t make the cut for Caps’ site. Here’s the first in a series of those extras: photos of the Gold medal-winning Canadian team.

MVP Nash
IIHF World Championship MVP Rick Nash

Canada GM Steve Yzerman
Team Canada GM Steve Yzerman

Canada Captain Shane Doan
Team Canada Captain Shane Doan

Team Finland Silver
Team Finland Silver

Canada's Cam Ward
Team Canada Goaltender Cam Ward

The captain and the cup
The Captain and the Cup

Eric Staal is tall
Mr. Staal is very tall

Shane Doan, wife, and son
Shane Doan, with wife and son

Team Canada's Eric Brewer
Eric Brewer

Cam Ward in Shorts
Cam Ward Rockin’ the Flip Flops
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3 Responses to Moscow Bonus – Canada Gold

  1. frasnap says:

    not to be “that guy.” but Graham Nash?

  2. OrderedChaos says:

    Ha! Clearly was half-asleep last night when posting these. Though he and Neil Young combined for a few pretty goals in the tournament…

  3. ThunderWeenie says:

    At least you didn’t call him Steve Nash.

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