Pri ‘Viet from Moscow!

Blogger's Repast
Greetings from Russia! We’ve not yet seen much of Moscow beyond our hotel lobby/bar and the arenas, though we hope to remedy that tomorrow as Friday is the one day with no scheduled games. More ruminations on culture, food & drink are coming as soon as we can; the frenetic pace we’re keeping is dizzyingly intense, both at the games and post-game creation/editing of columns and photos into the wee hours. Last night I gratefully sank into a deep six and a half hours’ sleep–by far the most on the trip on any given night.

A Blogger’s Repast: Russian arena food. The pastry contains a small hot dog, basically a Russian pig-in-a-blanket. The beer was an unusual indulgence on this trip; we’ve generally been forgoing beer for vast quantities of espresso to maintain this pace.

Random observation: Someone working the PA system at Khodynka Arena really likes Aerosmith’s “Get A Grip”, we hear it several times per game. I have no idea why.

Alex Ovechkin anecdote: After yesterday’s Russian victory, which was appropriately enough on Victory Day (Den’ Pobedy), there was the usual post-game media frenzy. Ovie was snagged by TV broadcasters (who get first dibs in a no-flash-photo area), then by the radio section, then finally by the print media.

As Ovie marched through the madness, graciously granting interviews to all comers, Mike Vogel shouted a hello to him. Ovie turned, saw Vogs and our crew, and his face lit up with an electric grin. “What’s up, beeyotches!” he exclaimed, and enthusiastically tapped fists with Vogel and Sean Parker before doing a quick Q&A. Hockey players are generally friendly and approachable, but Ovie is undoubtedly one of the best.

Okay, time to head into the Canada-Switzerland game–winner gets into the final four.  Da svi`daniya!

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3 Responses to Pri ‘Viet from Moscow!

  1. Thunderweenie says:

    DUDE….that Ovechkin story is seriously, seriously funny.
    Must be nice to be a hockey fan in Washington where you can get that kind of interaction. I somehow can’t picture Daniel Alfredsson doing that to a blogger from Ottawa. 🙂

  2. VT Caps Fan says:

    One of the funniest Ovie stories indeed.

  3. sk84fun says:

    Great AO story; thanks for the coverage from the Worlds; sounds like a great experience.
    Thunder, FWIW, 2 (Vogel and Parker) of the 4 guys are Caps employees.

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