Further Blogger Access

We’re apparently taking a guided tour of the Kremlin tomorrow with the rest of the press here. Fancy that. I suspect we’ll have some thoughts, observations, and perhaps even pics (maybe not those).
Near our hotel is a swanky, Euro-posh-looking nightclub named “Night Flight.” We haven’t been there yet. One reason why: a $35 cover. But Leafs’ scout Shawn Simpson swears it’s filled with “first-line talent.” And we have digital cameras. Think we should visit on Friday night?
[Note from OrderedChaos: If Pucks tries taking photos in that club, he may end up getting shots of the inside of a Siberian prison instead. Which, now that I think of it, could make for an interesting story… so go for it Pucks! ;-)]

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2 Responses to Further Blogger Access

  1. maruk says:

    File that under “scouting expenses.” I’m sure Ted will reimburse ya.

  2. Thunderweenie says:

    “First line talent”. Heh. Depends what kind of “talent” you’re scouting, exactly. 🙂

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