Who Is Janne Lahti?

janne_lahti_jani_kein_nen_hpk.jpgHis name arose this afternoon during a WaPost chat with Tarik:

“Fredericksburg, Va.: “Tarik, Janne Lahti scored another goal for HPK in the Finnish playoffs to send the game to OT. He has seven goals in seven games now. I hope the rumors of him signing here are true.”

Tarik El-Bashir: “I heard those rumors, too. I’ve been trying to get a hold of GMGM to confirm. Not that he’ll say anything, though. But that’s never stopped me from trying.”

We hadn’t heard his name before today, but we’ve conducted a bit of crack research. He goes about 6 ‘2, 200, and he skates for HPK Hameenlinna of the Finnish Elite League. He’ll be 25 this July. In 56 games with HPK this season he potted 20 goals and 14 assists — those goals in particular are eye-catching in any European Elite league. They’re solidly in the postseason in Finland now, and through seven games Lahti has 7 goals.
That there is potential interest from the Caps in signing him is the stuff even of Finnish hockey message boards these days:

“Iltalehden mukaan Janne Lahti olisi Washington Capitalsin miehiä ensi kaudella eli ei sitten tulisi meille. “

My Finnish is as bad as yours (worse, likely), but even I can make out the middle portion of that passage.

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5 Responses to Who Is Janne Lahti?

  1. Gustafsson says:

    Hopefully our Caps Blogging Friend in Finland can shed some light on this for us.

  2. Tomppav says:

    “Iltalehden mukaan Janne Lahti olisi Washington Capitalsin miehiä ensi kaudella eli ei sitten tulisi meille. “
    “According to Iltalehti (it’s a finnish tabloid) Janne Lahti will be Washington Capitals’ player so he won’t play for us (I think he’s talking about Jokerit which is the team he was rumoured to move if he stays in Finland).”
    Even thought I don’t usually think highly Mr. Scarface’s posts I think his summary of Lahti’s strenghts is quite near of mine.
    If you want to create your own opinion about Lahti’s scoring ability, check out this site:
    Here’s short instructions how to watch the clips:
    choose Videot
    choose category (valitse kategoria)
    runkosarja = regular season
    goal scored by Lahti = Lahden x-x maali
    Teatteriin = to the theatre (play the clip)

  3. Gustafsson says:

    Great stuff, Tomppav.
    Thanks for the video links… and more importantly… the translation and navigation aid!

  4. Tomppav says:

    No problem.
    Lahti’s team HPK lost 4-0 tonight and their season is over as they lost all 3 semifinal games to Jokerit. Lahti was quite invisible today, had only couple of good checks and created few scoring chances. Most of the time I couldn’t notice him.
    Lepistö had a good game and he scored Jokerit’s second goal on PP. He was very active with the puck and played with good confidence. It looks like he’s getting better as the season goes on.

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