Bloody Anniversary in Detroit

A bloody Patrick RoyTen years ago today, in Detroit, fans witnessed one of most brutal games in hockey history. 144 penalty minutes, a bloody goaltender fight (c.f. Patrick Roy’s dazed look), and the significant deepening of a great hockey rivalry between the Red Wings and Avalanche. Whether you are for or against fighting in the sport, that game was undeniably riveting.
We thank Thomas Neumann, ESPN Page 2 editor, for chronicling the anniversary of that historic donnybrook–in an ESPN article filled with great external links no less. Be sure to read the article here; it’s good stuff, and it’s heartening to see quality hockey content on ESPN.

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2 Responses to Bloody Anniversary in Detroit

  1. OrderedChaos says:

    Looks like Bettman was inspired by today’s anniversary and is backtracking a bit on his anti-fighting stance:
    Bettman: “I’ve always taken the view that it [fighting] is a part of the game and it rises and lowers based on what the game dictates.”

  2. odessa steps says:

    I just watched this afternoon Colin’s appearance with Ron on the HNIC Pre-Game show. “I’m just asking the question” is just plain wishy washy.

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