Knee-jerks: @ Montreal, 3/24/07

Just quick knee-jerks this evening, as I have to spend the rest of the night figuring out who to blame for the fact that I can watch the Notre Dame/Michigan State game on three different channels, but can’t watch the North Dakota/Michigan game at all.

  • Bryan Muir had a rough game.
  • The Caps’ power-play was ghastly. The Caps simply can’t gain the zone in a proper and efficient manner, and that throws everything else off. They have trouble receiving passes, and that cuts the margin of error very fine. Too fine for the Caps.
  • Shaone Morrisonn again took a strange and ill-advised penalty that cost the Caps.
  • Boyd Gordon hit someone behind the net. No lie.
  • You’d like to see Kolzig stop that second goal.

Okay, enough of the pain. Back to making a voodoo doll of a television executive.
Update — ESPNU will apparently be showing the North Dakota/Michigan contest . . . tape-delayed. Thanks, fellas.

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