The Adventures of Hockey Boy

Who doesn’t hate stepping in dog poo? The lesson: Pick up after your dog, or Hockey Boy will getcha!

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4 Responses to The Adventures of Hockey Boy

  1. pepper says:

    I wish Hockey Boy would patrol my block here in the East Village of Manhattan. This block is full of dog sh*t. In more ways than one I guess.

  2. Grooven says:

    So from 50′ back where he throws them down, suddenly he’s pummelling the guy with gloved hands and walks away with a stick.
    It was cute. Just add some continuity.

  3. Hockey Boy says:

    cease and desist

  4. The OFB Team says:

    We have merely linked to a YouTube video. We did not post it.
    You need to discuss this with YouTube, not us.
    Although, we would be happy to link to your web site.

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