How Do You Celebrate Miracle on Ice Day?

Eruizione Goal


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9 Responses to How Do You Celebrate Miracle on Ice Day?

  1. sonia says:

    to be fair, in 1980 i was just a twinkle in my commie daddy’s eye!

  2. Derek says:

    It is quite possible that I was conceived in celebration of this great accomplishment (10/27/80 b-day) Math may be a bit off, but it is close enough that I can think that at least.

  3. TSNinsider says:

    I was just a baby at the time. Also, I’m Canadian… I just don’t see it as you do.

  4. Jim Dickson, Maine says:

    I was 23, watching that game live. Back then we loved our country, it wasn’t cool to hate the USA like it is now. We couldn’t beleive we had gotten to the final, Sweeden or Canada were favored to play USSR. We were expexted to loose badly! The USSR switched goalies, costing them the game. It was Ronald Reagan against Leonid Breshnev and Reagan won!

  5. amy douglass says:

    I grew up in NE Ohio, and from my living room, being a 9-yr-old with the flu (i was soooo sick, my fever was 104 deg. !!!) I still remember the USA winning that game–it was AWSOME !!!

  6. Richard Cron says:

    I was there!!!

  7. Kari Nolan says:

    I’m curious about the photo you have on your blog featuring Mike Eruzione and his goal in the 1980 Olympics. I’d like to use that photo for a project and I’m wondering if you know who I can contact to obtain rights to use the photo.

    I’d really appreciate your help.

    Kari Nolan
    Weber Shandwick

  8. Whitney says:

    I’m celebrating by watching “Miracle” a mere 1/4 mile from the Olympic Center, since I live in Lake Placid 😀

    31 years! Jeez, I wasn’t even born then and it makes me feel old lol

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