Caps 7 / Canes 3

2 Point Toast
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3 Responses to Caps 7 / Canes 3

  1. OrderedChaos says:

    Anyone else have the song “Night and Day” in their head? Polar opposite from last night, and it was lots of fun being at the Phone Booth tonight. Great crowd for a great win.

  2. usiel says:

    Agreed was at the game…almost full arena and everyone was having a good time. Five goals in the first is all good. Congrats to Fehr for his first NHL goal. Had front row for that!

  3. pepper says:

    As Kolbe once said, calling a monumental goal during the Caps greatest playoff run to-date in franchise history: “somebody get maintenance, they’re gonna have to change the bulb!”
    I watched that Ovie stickhandle to pass to Beech about 15 times already. It still makes my jaw drop.

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