Happy Holidays to Terry Frei from OFB

ESPN.com hockey columnist Terry Frei’s latest file occasions a rousing salute from this blog. Among his New Years resolutions for the sport of hockey:

U.S. newspaper sports editors, Part I: To come to grips with the reality that hockey-first fans, while in some cases not as numerous as the fans of other sports, actually devour printed and posted coverage about local teams. (Right, like everyone’s rushing to a Marina del Rey 7-Eleven to buy a paper and catch up on the news about the Clippers’ game at Portland?)


U.S. newspaper sports editors, Part II: To ask their columnists to stop rationalizing their inattention and frequent ignorance of hockey by saying that when the franchises aren’t winning, attendance slips, proving they are not working in a “real hockey market.” (Right, like NBA teams — even in “prime” basketball markets — don’t slump at the gate when they stink on the floor?)

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